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At New Horizon Business Brokers – We are committed to the success of our valued clients.  If you’re looking to Buy a Business, Sell your Business, Value your Business, or Strategically plan your exit, we are here to help protect your wealth.

Below you will find valued resources and tools to help you grow, fund, manage and leverage your future through systematizing all aspects of your business.

Marketing & Sales

Discover 6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More…

Are there holes in your Marketing and Sales Processes that leak profits.  Discover six drivers of upside leverage to save time, money and maximize profit.

As the Owner of DVRK Marketing,  something that never ceases to amaze me.

Many small business owners are more than willing to throw lots of money at new, unproven tactics when instead they would be better served spending the relatively small amount of time it’d take to fix the holes in their process that are leaking profits. 


Exit Strategies

Arizona Exit Strategy Advisors, LLC

The first step to successfully selling your business for the maximum valuation multiple and with favorable terms all starts with an Exit Strategy Master Plan.

SBA Financing

Midwest Regional Bank

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